A blast from the past!

Made by my dad 60 years ago when he was a 10 year old kid in Primary School!
Don't you just love it?

The Tween, Teen and I are having a blast in our store room today! 
I just love how different items fascinate me during different stages of my life. I have had all of these items in storage crates for over 20 years and all of a sudden I have the need to surround me with it on a daily basis.

I will need to figure out how and where to display the Maize Sacks and French Knitting. For some reason up-cycling does not inspire me at the moment, I quite like looking at the raw product and am thinking it should stay like this. Putting it in frames for example will not fit with the raw, industrial feel of our home.  I also do not want to bring a scissor near the sacks - maybe 10 years ago cushions would have been a great idea. Now I am not so sure that it would be a good idea to cut up a piece of vintage cloth.


These beautiful sacks (more than 50 years old) are from South Africa and given to me by my mom.


A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

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Vinnis Bambi, 100%  Bamboo, 5 Skeins, 50gr each
Colours: 5 Skeins in total of Clouds, Dark Denim, Denim, Blues Brother, Baby Blue
Vinnis Nikkim Colours, 100% Cotton, 28 skeins, 50gr each:
Stone, Old Gold, Aluminium, Steel Grey, Blue Grey, Blue Bell, Denim, Kingfisher, Baby Blue, Deep Blue, Cloud Blue, Blue Canard, Pale Blue Green
Images: Raw Rustic Pinterest


What a scarf!

A gorgeous Winter Scarf in locally produced hand dyed wool for an equally gorgeous old school friend
Pattern: Saint-Malo by Cath-e-design, Ravelry
Hook Size: 5mm
Scarf Size: 220cm
Yarn: cowgirlblues 100% wool, hand dyed, colour Silver Fox

This yarn is terrific, another smashing product available to South Africans! I bought the same colour from two different dye lots (on purpose I daresay), resulting in two of the skeins being lighter than the others. I used the lighter skeins in the single stitch rows and absolutely love the subtle play on the pattern as a result. I bought my yarn from Beatrix - see her Facebook Page and Blog for more details.

Because I am used to working in Bamboo and Cotton Yarns that yield a softer drape, I initially struggled to settle on a pattern. I needed a sensational pattern to suit the unique qualities of the cowgirlblues. I tried the stunning Muirlands Cowl, the Tall and Wavy Stitch, the Wavelength, and the Vega Crochet Cowl, before I finally felt happy with the look and feel of the Saint-Malo Pattern.
The frogging even had Captain America in a state!


Freakin' Brilliant!

I used the seamless join technique on the last round of each square for the Moroccan Inspired Throw. This is brilliant!  For super neat, seamless joins, see the tutorial by Sarah London.

Thank you Tanya for including me in your 5 Things I love Saturday posting. Your Little Things Blogged blog is brilliant! So many ideas, such inspiration.

I've got a hankering, a HANKERING I tell you for walking the isles of IKEA again.
IKEA is targeting space poor hipsters with their newly released space saving collection.
We are neither hipsters nor (space) poor, but I just asked The Husband to get me these. 
Brilliant for organising my WIP, hooks and yarn! 

I met up with three super talented ladies this week. Cornel from I love pom-poms blog and the Craft Share get togethers gave me this Freakin' Brilliant stamp. Thank you, it is a winner!
I also met Elsbeth Eksteen, she is a brilliant artist! Take a look at her blog and Purl and the Woodpecker Facebook page.

This old tin mess plate is serving as the background for all the photos I have been taking for the Moroccan Inspired Throw.  Don't you think it makes for a brilliant background? 

I use this Apple SD card reader almost every day. It is included in the Apple Ipad Camera Connection Kit and I use it to import photos directly from the camera's SD card to the ipad for editing on Snapseed.  Brilliant!

Have a fun weekend


A French Affair

Pierrot Yarns produced in Ichinomiya City Japan
La Provence 100% linen, fingering weight
Non itchy, but stiff and crisp
To be turned into Sophie Digard inspired jewelry once I am settled in Doha, Qatar
Bought from I Love Yarn, a new yarn store located in a beautiful house in Pretoria, filling a huge gap in the market by catering for those of discerning taste

Photos of interiors by Petra Bindel with Lo Bjurulf
Photos of yarn my own, edited on Snapseed, collages created with the Moldiv App
uploaded on Google Drive rather than the less reliable iCloud

The Cat had some fun with my precious yarn (below) one night, it looks worse for wear but is thankfully undamaged

Flashback: 1999 Nogent-le-Rotrou where we attended 
the wedding of my French friend and her South African sweetheart
Left: Myself nearly 6 months pregnant with The Teen; 
Middle: Hair tied up, enjoying Paris sightseeing
Right: the (very young looking) husband and I taking a romantic stroll just outside Nogent-le-Rotrou

Enjoy your weekend!  I am still working on the Moroccan inspired throw and have to say that I am really very pleased with how it is turning out.